Solar Run

Awarded the President's Award for Global Learning and a $15,000 grant to implement an immersive, educational, and research-based experience concerning skin cancer and sun care alongside our team's partners at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore.

/President's Award for Global Learning
/Creative Director /Lead Art Director /Lead Copywriter /Lead UI/UX /Researcher

1. Game Design

Incorporate multiplayer, score system, leaderboard, team objectives, and upgradeables as vessels to research, educate, and engage our audience.

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2. Face Filters

Illustrate the long-term risks to our skin if we don't start being sun-conscious, and ensure the experience feels personally impactful and grounded.

3. Put 'em together.

Develop narrative cohesion between game design and face filters to get the best of both worlds (education & personalization).

The Team
Daniel Killough Melvin Sureshbabu Yiling Cao Professor Erin Reily Neha Momin Sahar Ali Dr. Lucy Atkinson Dr. Thushani Herath Sajani Patel
Lead Developer Developer Art Director Producer Research Research Research Research Graduate Assistant