Solar Run

Awarded the President's Award for Global Learning and a $15,000 grant to implement an immersive, educational, and research-based experience concerning skin cancer and sun care alongside our team's partners at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore.

/Texas Global
/Creative Director /Experience Designer

SILVER Student ADDY: Digital Creative Technology

ADC Young Ones: Interactive AR/VR | Shortlist

ADC Young Ones: Design for Good - Interactive | Shortlist

The Team
/Arman Farsad /Daniel Killough /Melvin Sureshbabu /Yiling Cao /Erin Reilly /Neha Momin /Sahar Ali /Lucy Atkinson /Thushani Herath /Sajani Patel
Experience Designer Lead Developer Developer Graphic Designer Producer | Faculty Research Research Research | Faculty Research | Faculty Graduate Assistant