Be A Longhorn

UT Admissions asked us to create a story-driven immersive experience about campus culture for 70,000 prospective students that come to tour the 40 Acres annually.

/University of Texas Admissions
/Lead Experience Designer /Lead Scriptwriter /Apprentice to Project Manager

1. Map Mailer

Students are sent an AR Mailer as their first introduction to UT Austin. They can scan the QR code to bring the map to life.

Try it for yourself:

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2. AR Tour

Once on campus, students and their families can explore the 40 acres with UT's mascot, BEVO, as their tour guide. User's get the inside scoop on what there is to do around UT, meet characters that make the university special, and figure out if they have what it takes to be a longhorn.

Say sup to BEVO:

3. Photobooth

After their tour with BEVO, students can rendez-vous back at the admissions center to rest & take photos with the characters they met on the tour.

The Team
/Erin Reily /Corey Morgan /Rohitash Rao /Mathew Fultz /Simon Quiroz /Jesse Easdon /Tim Zawistoski /Jaclyn Alford
Director Voice Actor Art Director 3D Assets AR Developer Developer Developer Research