who is this guy really though

I am a creative general who advocates for the user through the practice of immersive. I've spent my undergrad under my mentor, Erin Reilly, where I've led a number of real-world briefs by combining audience, storytelling, and emerging technology to create procedural and transmedia narratives that are intimate, interactive, and experiential. Here's some things I think I do well:


A confident ability to communicate across disparate channels to maintain a unified vision and create transdisciplinary experiences.

Ideation & Strategy

A nuanced, psychographic perspective of audience and a firm comprehension in the affordances of XR to ensure impact in a diverse array of briefs.

Interaction Design

Game design principles in tandem with mapping audience-space interaction to architect incentivized, streamlined, and frictionless flows.

Client Relations

Consider story through the lens of objectives and ROI to have client feel heard and confident in the project vision. Create novel KPIs to measure success in the immersive space.

Art Direction & Copy

Remain loyal to an experience’s core themes, objectives, andarchitecture for a cohesive and consistent tone.